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History of the company


Confectionary factory «STIMUL»

The history of Dnepr Confectionery Factory STIMUL began in 1999 year from the establishment an enterprise produced confectioneries in Dnepr.

Frankly speaking about the inheritance and traditions, the history of the factory is much richer and more interesting. So, the confectionery factory STIMUL in many ways became the heir of the traditions of the Dnepropetrovsk confectionery factory – the concern “Dneprovskie Zori”.

Nowadays there are a lot of products in the assortment that citizens remember from Soviet times: candies “Strela Dneprovskaya”, favorite jelly “Arkadiya”, fondant-liqueur candies “Stolichnye”, wafer candies “Pineapple” …

These candies are a business card, “that’s product” of the city, they are recognizable all around of Ukraine.

Today the Dnipropetrovsk confectionery factory STIMUL is a national enterprise, the factory’s products are sold in all regions of Ukraine, represented in national and regional retail chains

The products of the factory STIMUL repeatedly became the winner of national competitions and international business forums. Diplomas and insignia confirm this: “For the production of exclusive confectionery products with exceptional taste properties”, “For the production of high-quality competitive confectionery products.”